An Interview With Chairman of the Board Pete Henderson
Pete Henderson

What are you passionate about in the construction industry?

I’ve always enjoyed watching our team develop and grow with the opportunities that are placed in front of them.

What is something unique about Henderson?

Henderson’s integrity. That started with my father and the way he chose to handle himself and this business. He instilled the importance of integrity in me early on. There have been plenty of opportunities to take the wrong path but we have always relied on that foundation of integrity to help us make decisions that are best for our clients and our business.

Can you share something you’ve learned from your tenure in the business?

Patience. It took about five or ten years, but I finally learned to be patient.

What do you hope your children who are continuing your and your father’s legacy at Henderson have learned from you both?

I hope they have learned the value of hard work and keeping your word.

What is your vision for the future of Henderson, Inc.?

Continue to be a positive influence in the community.

Henderson is very philanthropic and frequently gives back to the community. This started with your father, and it’s a tradition you have continued. Why is this so important to Henderson?

Henderson has been blessed to be able to give back as much as we do. I think it’s also our responsibility to lead by example.

Henderson really values its employees, so much so that they’re one of the core values, why is this so important?

Because that’s who we are. We are a makeup of our people. A company is as good or bad as the people you have, and Henderson really values its talented team and attributes much of our success to them.

Outside of Henderson, what is another passion of yours?

Cattle! My cattle farm, Edgewood Angus, is a huge passion of mine.

Henderson Relationships

"Henderson minimizes the impact of problems…They don't let ego control relationships. The bottom line is they're fun to do business with."

–Joseph Stettinius – New Town Associates