Ardell Jones Named Henderson’s January “Beyond The Building” Team Member
Ardell Jones

Ask Ardell Jones to define what “Beyond the Building” means to Henderson, Inc. and for its clients and he’ll tell you simply.

“It’s just what you do. It’s thinking outside the box.”

That thinking feeds from a company-wide recognition that every building, every site development job, is more than just a job. It’s a home, or a business, or an economic driver for a community.

Every project has impact and doing all you can do – and more – to ensure a project runs smoothly is how you go Beyond the Building.

In January, Ardell was recognized for doing just that and named Henderson’s January 2016 Beyond the Building Team Member.

The award is announced at the monthly safety meetings with the entire Henderson team gathered together.

“You are who you surround yourself with,” said Leslie Henderson Schultz, Henderson Vice President. “When we celebrate all the things the team here does to support our clients, to do the right thing, to think Beyond the Building, we want to celebrate that together, surrounded by each other.”

Ardell, whose long history with Henderson started as a kid growing up with Henderson family members Peter Henderson and Leslie, joined the Henderson team eight years ago.

Since then he’s worked on a variety of sites from the Capital Trail to a Busch Gardens project.

It was at Busch Gardens recently that supervisors noticed how Ardell thought outside the box on a specific task.

There were two tons of dirt and debris to move outside of a building of one of Henderson’s newest projects.

They pulled together a team and knocked out moving the dirt and debris faster than was scheduled thanks to hard work and innovative thinking.

The impact of gaining one day here or another there on a job site adds up to real time and cost savings for clients, for Henderson and for the entire team.

“That’s going Beyond the Building,” Leslie said, “and having an attitude of I can make a difference.”

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