Beyond the Building Committee Progress Report

Submitted by guest blogger and Project Manager Josiah Goins, Henderson, Inc. Beyond the Building Committee Chairman

As previously mentioned, the Beyond the Building (BTB) committee was formed to work on various ways to enhance Henderson and address the majority concerns of our employees.

Thus far, the committee has sponsored a cornhole tournament event, and made some changes to the safety drawing. We are currently working hard on developing a Mentorship Program for our company and brainstorming various other topics as well.

Mentorship Program: The BTB committee is almost ready to kick-off a trial run of the Mentorship Program. We are working through the structure to allow an experienced employee, the Mentor, to provide the coaching and guidance needed for a fellow co-worker, the Protégé, to gain the skills and knowledge needed to advance to the next level. This could range from developing a laborer to learn the beginning steps to operating equipment, coaching a skilled worker in gaining the skills of leading a crew, or improving a foreman or supervisor’s skillset to perform their job at the highest level possible.

The plan moving forward is to start out with a couple teams of Mentors and Protégés so that the BTB committee can monitor the progress and work out the particulars of the program. We will keep you up to date as we roll this out.

Safety Drawing Changes: The general consensus among employees was that the large Lost Time drawing format didn’t work to its original intention. A lot of employees were questioning whether a “nominee” really went above and beyond in the safety realm or if they were just doing their job and there were also a lot of unsung safety conscious employees that just weren’t getting a nomination. The BTB committee talked to several employees and came up with the change to the format.

The changes are as follows: The “pot,” worth a dollar per day that the company goes without a lost time injury, will now be split between a group of ten randomly selected employees. There will be a mix of office and field employees eligible to win with the field staff making up 8 of the 10 names drawn. At Safety Director Dave Thompson’s discretion, if someone is being unsafe on the job or not attending the monthly safety meetings they will be excluded from the drawing.

Upcoming Events: One of the goals of the BTB committee is to represent the employees and be their voice to the management of Henderson. We’d like to hear from all employees on the types of events that they find most appealing so we can start gearing them towards the group’s interests.

We are currently working on a recent employee suggestion (Thanks Brad!) to plan an event on September 21st, the National Run at Work day. It will be a simple event to get out and exercise which goes great with the company’s new and upcoming Wellness initiative.

We have also been talking to some employees regarding another summer/fall event the company can offer. Please talk to any one of the BTB committee members about any suggestions anyone has for future events.

Communication: If there’s one word used more often than any other when employees start talking about areas where the company can improve, it’s communication. I have no idea if this is a struggle for most companies, but I assume the larger the company gets the less the employees feel like they are being communicated with sufficiently. So how do we fix this? Well, the BTB committee needs the employees help answering that question. If anyone has suggestions for improvement or examples of poor communication (or good communication) it will help us narrow in on this very broad topic.

And obviously communication takes two, so if someone feels like they are not being communicated with but have not talked to their supervisor about this issue, then no one will know that there is an issue. Our supervisors and the BTB committee need input to facilitate improvement.

Look for more committee progress reports like this one in the future!

220 Josiah Goins, Project Manager


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