Guest Blogger

Trust. What does it mean to you?

Guest blogger Mike Fippinger, Project Manager at Henderson, Inc., discusses what Beyond the Building and Trust mean to him and his position.

During one of the Beyond the Building Committee meetings, the committee members were discussing what were the most important factors for them personally in the workplace. The reoccurring theme revolved around the word trust. This was an interesting finding, given the construction market we have all been operating in for the last few years has suffered a down turn and has in some way affected us all.

Diamond Healthcare Corporation and the new Pavilion at Williamsburg Place

Vice President of Development at Diamond Healthcare Corporation Lindsay Shuff shares his experience working with Henderson, Inc. on the recently completed Pavilion at Williamsburg Place project.

Beyond the Building - Purpose versus Profit

The Henderson Executive Team explores the meaning of "Beyond the Building" and the concept of purpose versus profit driven companies.

Guest Blogger Danny Carroll of the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA

Guest Blogger Danny Carroll, CEO of the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA, discusses the YMCA's mission, programs, and future in our area.

The YMCA’s promise is substantial - to strengthen the foundation of our community.  We do this in many ways. By being community-centered for more than 116 years, we listen and respond to the needs of area residents.