Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA prepares to open new branch in Gloucester, Henderson Named Contractor
YMCA Gloucester

Hard work, dedication and a shared vision are the keys to strengthening a community – and your body – from the inside out. And maybe a little blood, sweat and tears, too.

Finally after years of effort on the part of several enterprising residents, Gloucester is poised to celebrate the opening of its first YMCA in the coming weeks. And we at Henderson Incorporated couldn’t be more excited to play a part in this great project.

The Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA announced plans in early December to open a Gloucester branch in a 9,500-square-foot space in the Main Street Center retail facility after many years of planning and negotiation. Henderson is playing a key role in the opening of the new YMCA branch with a contract to renovate the space into a state-of-the-art exercise and community center. The space will be retrofitted to feature locker rooms with showers, a multipurpose space for teens and seniors, a wellness center and a child watch/youth watch room. There will also be group exercise studios for classes, cycling and TRX.

It’s a big deal for Gloucester residents to finally have access to their own centrally located YMCA. But having it in Main Street Center gives the project a little more significance than just a great place to work out. It means more visibility for Gloucester’s Main Street corridor and more exposure for the YMCA. That’s why the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust, which owns Main Street Center, worked diligently to make the space available to the YMCA, said Executive Director Jennifer Crittenden.

The unique partnership means the YMCA will not only fill a need in the community, but through its lease fees will actually help fund projects and initiatives on Main Street.

“The really cool thing about this is the YMCA brings extensive services to the community and at the same time the lease fees they will be paying to Main Street Center will turn around and go right back into the community,” Crittenden said. “It’s an awesome partnership.”

Just as important for the Trust’s efforts is the anticipation that the YMCA will bring increased foot traffic and interest not just to Main Street Center, but to the entire Main Street commercial district.

“We saw beyond just the fact that they’re another tenant,” Crittenden said.

We’re busy with this project now, but stay tuned for updates and news from the grand opening. We are so thrilled to see this fruitful partnership come to life, helping the community go beyond the building!

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