Steve Montgomery Named Henderson’s February “Beyond The Building” Team Member
Steve Montgomery

When there’s a job to get done on any job site around Henderson, Inc.’s construction zones, Steve Montgomery will find a way to get it done – like renting a paint sprayer to complete a job because he’s capable and it would help the team (true story).

And the best part? He doesn’t just do it. He does it with heart.

Take a recent emergency job for a long time client. A cleaning crew couldn’t get to a job site because of car troubles. So Montgomery got in his car and went to their home, picked them up and brought them to the site. Not just because it was the right thing for the client – and it was. But also because it was the right thing for the crew. They didn’t want to lose a job or a day of work any more than Montgomery wanted to lose any days getting something completed for a Henderson client.

For that work and more, in February, Montgomery was named Henderson’s monthly Beyond the Building Team Member.

The award was announced by Henderson’s Brian Schultz at the monthly safety meeting with the entire Henderson team gathered together.

“To put it simply, he leads a lot of the one to two month projects we have and helps us deliver on time – sometimes early – quality projects to our clients,” Schultz said. “This award goes to Steve for thinking outside the box and for multiple acts of kindness.”

That alone is what Henderson’s mission to go “Beyond the Building” is all about.

“He has an attitude of ‘I can make a difference,’” said Leslie Henderson Schultz, Henderson’s Vice President. “Every one of us can make a difference and Steve shows that.”

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