Shay Wood

Shay W

Shay came to us through one of our valued subcontractor relationships. His current role as Project Engineer has given him the opportunity to spread his horizons, while continuing to create lasting relationships within the construction industry. His greatest strength is his ability to endure challenges brought on throughout the different channels of life. He is very perceptive to change and team building.

At home, Shay likes to spend his time surrounded by friends and family. While doing so, he would like to spend that time on the water. His passion is duck hunting and can extend to any activity that involves water/music. He values a genuine smile and usually sees this while doing the activities that he loves.

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

Brian has been with Henderson since 2014. As a Superintendent, he brings a firm understanding of what subcontractors need in order for them to do their job most efficiently. He gets the most satisfaction from watching his team grow and succeed. The Monticello Shopping Center project has been one of his favorites so far.

Brian was born and raised in Gloucester, VA. He has his hands full with threechocolate labs named Mossy Oak, Fiocchi, and Al Capone. If he is not working, he is most likely tending to the dogs, studying to be a fly fishing guide, or traveling.

It’s not the mountains we conquer, it’s ourselves.

Sandra Williams

Sandra Williams

Some may find this friendly face familiar with nearly two decades in construction and we are excited to have her here with Henderson Inc. She helps our preconstruction team in many ways including subcontractor relationships and bid organization.

Wayne Willett

Wayne Willett

Wayne spends his day to day at Henderson working with the team and pushing the projects forward. Wayne brings motivation to others at work with his “go get it” attitude. He really enjoyed working on the High Street apartments and claims he learned a lot in such a short time.

When Wayne isn’t at work, he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and hiking through the wilderness.

Once a job has begun, never leave until it’s done. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.

Tommy Warren

Tommy has been with Henderson Inc. since 1996, and he has evolved tremendously over those years. Today he is a Superintendent and he spends most of his day scheduling, managing and motivating his team. He also enjoys teaching other team members techniques and culture which are relevant to the success of our company. His favorite project was the Home Depot in Warrenton.

Tommy has been a lifelong resident of Williamsburg. He loves spending time with family and especially enjoys his time on his boat listening to George Strait.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Tina Wagner

As her title describes, Tina spends her days immersed in the financial world of Henderson, Inc. She reports on the past, manages the current, and helps plan for the future. She plays a pivotal role in the continuing success of the company and leads her team with passion and heart.

Tina works hard to play hard – she loves traveling with her husband and spending time with her child and grandbabies. She is also very involved with her church.

A stumbling-block for the pessimist is a stepping-stone to the optimist.”

Zach Tolefson

Zach first came to us as an intern from Virginia Tech with a desire to learn preconstruction. This team player has taken on the role of Junior Estimator and is working on learning both design-build and traditional bid work.

Mickey Thompson

Mickey has been with us since 1997 working his way through the site side and transitioning in late 2020 from Site Superintendent to Site Estimator. Going from “Dirt Artist” to an estimator has been an easy transition. His strengths include being organized and the ability to communicate and build relationships. Mickey has numerous projects he has enjoyed but considers the Pantheon roller coaster at Busch Gardens one of the best.

Mickey is Williamsburg born and raised. He has a wife named Nicole and together they have four kids. They also have two dogs and a fish to complete the family. He is the happiest when he and his wife hop in their ‘68 Camaro and just drive.

Die with memories, not dreams.

Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson

Since 2017 Greg has been bringing his calm approach and level headed thinking to Henderson, Inc. He describes his days in business development and helping the site department as everything from well organized to chaotic but strives to always be helpful and supportive. His favorite project so far was the New Kent Fire Station which makes sense since he is a retired firefighter from James City County.

When Greg isn’t at work you will most certainly find him with friends or his family. Happily married with four adult children and several grandchildren he can always be found smiling. When he isn’t with them he enjoys the outdoors, spending time with friends, supporting public safety workers and Relay for Life.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

Dave Thompson

Since 2000, Dave has brought his problem-solving skills to the role of Safety Director. Dave’s favorite Henderson project so far has been The Elizabeth City Rescue Swimmer Training Facility.

Originally from New Orleans, LA, Dave likes to spend his time away from work with wife, Tamy, their two children, and their dog. If he isn’t with family you can find him listening to music, playing guitar, or playing Dungeons & Dragons.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.