Protecting our team and the local community

Whether it’s a local church, a major office park, or a giant roller coaster, every project at Henderson, Inc. begins the same way: with a careful, thorough commitment to safety.  This includes four essential objectives:

• Eliminating injuries and job-related illnesses
• Protecting the public and external site inspectors
• Delivering safe, environmentally responsible designs
• Preventing local property damage during construction.

For Henderson, Inc.’s Safety Director, Dave Thompson, these goals are a full time job.  He leads specialized training sessions for all employees and provides daily safety assessments.  Henderson, Inc. also accepts voluntary OSHA inspections and enforces higher-than-industry standard safety regulations. The result?

Henderson’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) — the rate used by insurance companies to judge our safety — is below the national average.

Industry leading safety . . . it’s just one more way Henderson, Inc. goes “Beyond the Building.”

Henderson staff inspecting

Henderson staff pointing

Henderson People

“During the construction phase, Henderson personnel showed an attention to detail that made sure that the project provided good value for the money we were spending.  Because of the attention to detail, we were able to plus the project in ways that enhanced the finished project for the parish.  Key to this oversight of Henderson was the smooth working relationship between the Construction Supervisor of the Project and our Owners Supervisor.”

Rev. Msgr. Timothy E. Keeney

Saint Bede Catholic Church