What is a General Contractor?

In the simplest of terms a general contractor is the party with the responsibility to oversee a construction project and who enters into the prime contract with the property owner.  A good general contractor will provide the following:

  • A fair and reasonable estimate
  • Permitting support
  • Knowledge and experience of building guidelines and regulations
  • Client communication
  • Material and equipment coordination
  • Qualified subcontractors
  • Daily onsite management
  • Quality control
  • Safety
  • Schedule management
  • Virtual construction and clash detection support
  • Value management

What separates Henderson, Inc. from other general contractors are the millions of manhours of experience that help us be a true partner from start to finish on a project.  We act as the thread that ties all the parts of a project together to ensure all needs are met.  Our clients’ needs are first and foremost and our ultimate goal is the success of the project for all parties involved.



Henderson People

While we were confronted with many challenges during the design phase, it was Henderson’s preconstruction services that provided a foundation for the overall success of the project.  From the beginning, Henderson assumed the position of team facilitator and provided strong leadership throughout the entire design phase.  They served as an active partner with the design team, offering alternative design and constructability approaches, ultimately allowing us to meet our budget.

Andy Anderson

Landmark Resort Properties