What is Site Development?

Site development, in the general sense, is the improvements needed to prepare a construction site.  This covers a range of activities and is defined by a site plan prepared by an engineer.  Experience surveyors, equipment operators, and management perform a wide range of essential services to get this work done.

Henderson Site Development

What are our capabilities?
  • Preconstruction and design assist
  • GPS-based surveying and stakeout for pinpoint foundation accuracy
  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Site grading
  • Hauling
  • Excavation and embankments
  • Environmental issues including wetlands, flood plains, biofilters, retention and detention facilities
  • Stormwater management and drainage
  • Underground utility installation including water, sewer, electric and gas lines
  • Landscaping


Henderson People

“Now that we are well along with construction, I am impressed with the way Henderson fosters a sense of teamwork, collaboration, safety, and excellence in the execution of the work.  Work is carefully planned and coordinated in advance.  Your use of leading technology like Bluebeam and BIM modeling has paid dividends already.”

Mike Matthews

Matthews Development Company LLC