Tommy Warren

Tommy has been with Henderson Inc. since 1996, and he has evolved tremendously over those years. Today he is a Superintendent and he spends most of his day scheduling, managing and motivating his team. He also enjoys teaching other team members techniques and culture which are relevant to the success of our company. His favorite project was the Home Depot in Warrenton.

Tommy has been a lifelong resident of Williamsburg. He loves spending time with family and especially enjoys his time on his boat listening to George Strait.

Live. Laugh. Love.

Mickey Thompson

Mickey has been with us since 1997 working his way through the site side and transitioning in late 2020 from Site Superintendent to Site Estimator. Going from “Dirt Artist” to an estimator has been an easy transition. His strengths include being organized and the ability to communicate and build relationships. Mickey has numerous projects he has enjoyed but considers the Pantheon roller coaster at Busch Gardens one of the best.

Mickey is Williamsburg born and raised. He has a wife named Nicole and together they have four kids. They also have two dogs and a fish to complete the family. He is the happiest when he and his wife hop in their ‘68 Camaro and just drive.

Die with memories, not dreams.

Angie Thompson

Henderson Angie T

Angie brings with her a tremendous depth of private and public accounting experience. Her organization and multi-tasking abilities help her keep up with a plethora of projects at Henderson, Inc. concerning not just accounting but property and tenant management.

When she’s not at work you will probably find her hanging out at home with her fiancé watching Netflix or crocheting. And if she’s lucky her daughter and grandson might be there too.

Life is not breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away

Sam Tavai

Sam started with us in 2022 as a Site Superintendent.  This Samoan born man has been in the industry since 2000 and excels at work quality.  His good spirit is showcased when he describes his typical day on the job as sunny and nice.

Sam is married with three kids and when he isn’t spending time with them you will probably find him out on a golf course or listening to some Bob Marley.

Work hard.  Play hard.

Sean McGinley

Sean McGinley

Sean’s job as the Site Superintendent is managing the subcontractors and keeping everyone on schedule. Sean’s days at Henderson are busy, and always changing. In his years at Henderson, Sean brings great work ethic, leadership, and competency. His favorite memory at Henderson is the annual Christmas Party. His favorite project was the Williamsburg Landing.

Sean is from Toano, Virginia. He is married, has two kids and a grandchild. He has one dog, and two cats. When Sean is at home, he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Everything’s gonna be alright.

Frank Hudik

Frank Hudik

Since 2002, Frank has brought a strong work ethic and shown the willingness to learn and grow as a site superintendent. One of his favorite projects to date is the O’Gara Training project.

Hailing from New York, you can find Frank outside of work spending time with his family, hanging with friends, or spending time out on the open water boating.

You don’t get what you want, you get what you work for.

David “Junebug” Hickman

David has been with us since 2017. He brings a vast knowledge of what it takes to do his job as our Utility Supervisor. He spends his time using that knowledge to train, educate, and help others so that they can get the job done.

David grew up on the Northern Neck of Virginia. He is married to his wife, Crystal, and they have two sons, Shane and Malik. When he is not working, you can find him in the woods, hunting or out on the water, fishing.

Pete Henning

Pete’s typical day is running a pipe crew that is laying sewer, storm, or water lines.  His reliable and consistent efforts coupled with years of experience facilitating work make him an asset to our company.

He, his wife, and three girls love doing things together including kayaking, cooking, and riding bicycles.  Pete also enjoys helping his neighbors with yard work and you just might find him listening to some Fats Domino while doing it.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Junior Bagby

Junior Bagby

Ezeal, A.K.A “Junior”, has been with Henderson since 2000. With all those years of experience, he brings a vast knowledge of the job to his role of Site Superintendent. He is also a talented equipment operator if the job calls for it. Junior is a big fan of helping mentor the younger people on the team. If you ask him, he will tell you one of his favorite projects to date has been the Virginia Capital Bike Trail.

Junior is originally from Middlesex, VA. If he is not on the job site, you can find him fishing or drag racing. Junior has two kids named Ezeal III and Sabretta.