James City County, Virginia

Henderson, Inc. and Guernsey Tingle Architects provided a LEED® certified design solution for the Prime Outlets Phase VII expansion, the final phase of development of Prime Outlets. The project received LEED®Core and Shell Certification from the USGBC (Project #10091445).

The project consists of three retail buildings, one containing a food court, for a total gross area of 145,000 SF. The project utilizes sustainable materials and methods such as reflective roofing, recycled materials, high efficiency heating and cooling units, and reduced water usage fixtures to comply with the LEED® Core and Shell guidelines. Also, more than 92% of the demolition and construction waste was recycled.

The site consists of 455,000 SF (10.4 acres) and is designed to minimize stormwater runoff with the incorporation of pervious concrete in the parking lots and the use of landscaping materials. The stormwater collected from roofs and parking lots is then stored and used to irrigate the site landscaping. As of 2008, this is the largest application of pervious concrete in the United States.


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