Williamsburg, Virginia

The Pavilion at Williamsburg Place is a new one-story psychiatric hospital facility (approximately 37,000 SF in size) that accommodates 57 beds (including acute care) with the possible future expansion to 70 beds. The building also includes food service and dining facilities, registration, administrative, clerical, and alumni services. The new full service kitchen and dining facility will serve the entire campus as well as select alumni functions in the main dining hall.

This is a new construction project on a site where an existing facility is still in operation. Resident safety, site security, dust, construction traffic, and noise control are all receiving special attention.

Construction included continuous footings with brick and CMU foundation walls with a structural steel frame, a concrete floor slab on fill, heavy-gauge metal wall framing and trusses, horizontal siding, shatter-proof windows, (predominantly) sloped roofs with architectural shingles, and some areas of low-sloped roofing. The building has a sprinkler system and the temperature is controlled by three roof top units located on a flat roof.

Henderson, Inc. provided preconstruction services helping drive the design of the project to minimize cost to the owner. Henderson also self performed all site / utility work on this project.


Guernsey Tingle Architects

Civil Engineer:
AES Consulting Engineers

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