Williamsburg Landing Building Renovations

Williamsburg Landing is a premier continuing care retirement community located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Campus wide, they maintain 310 homes, townhomes and apartments and house approximately 500 residents. In this phased and fast-tracked project, Henderson demolished, remediated and renovated the entire Landing Building while residents and staff occupied the building.  This Building is the hub of the community containing the main kitchen, two dining facilities, post office, bank, hairdresser, and library as well as 61 apartments. It is approximately 130,000 SF, with a three story-core and two two-story wings and is a concrete structure with a wood roof truss system.    

After demolition of the entire building, Henderson reinforced the structural integrity of the building by installing fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) on the tops and bottoms of the elevated slabs to increase their strength.  The floors were floated to provide a level surface and new steel column collars installed.  

Henderson coordinated the extensive updates of the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems. Some of the existing systems were replaced with some temporary systems in place during construction to minimize downtime in other areas not under construction.  

The kitchen and main dining room were demolished, remediated and built back, and replaced with new food service equipment. The Cove Café was renovated and expanded into an adjacent courtyard which added a new entrance, new buffet servery, new pick-up area for take-out dining, new kitchen prep and clean-up area, renovated event courtyard, bar/lounge, and four different dining rooms. The structure of the expansion is exterior steel studs with a brick veneer supporting light gauge steel roof trusses.  



Civil Engineer:
AES Consulting Engineers

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