Shannon Houser

Staff Accountant

Shannon had a long history with Henderson Inc even before she joined in 2021 as a Staff Accountant.  Her husband Ron has been with us for over two decades.  Her flexibility and “roll with the punches” attitude combined with decades of experience working with her father in his residential construction company make her a great fit to our culture.

Hailing from New Kent, Shannon has two daughters and a few pets, and of course her husband Ron.  She enjoys sitting at the beach and reading in her free time.

Prior to me working for Henderson, Ron had been working here for a few months. I was bringing him his lunch one day to a site and my tire went flat. I had just had a baby and was trying to fix it myself. One of Ron’s coworkers noticed me and stopped. I asked him to fetch Ron to help me with the tire, but instead he helped me himself. That is the kind of company that Henderson is – one that will help each other.